The Wordsmith by Patricia Forde

the wordsmith

Book Blurb:

Ark is a place of tally sticks, rationed food and shared shoes, where art and music are banned, language is severely restricted and outcasts are thrown to the wolves.

Letta’s job is to collect words and dole them out to people who need them. When she discovers that John Noa is planning to rob the people of language altogether and make them Wordless, she has to stop him.

But she is only a young girl and he’s the leader of the known world.

So did I like it? (by A aged 10):

Definitely.  If you read it, you might get a bit bored by the first half, but by the second half you can’t put it down!  I like it because it is quite an imaginative idea for a book.  You probably haven’t heard of this book before, but that doesnt make it any less good! If you see it in your local library, then definintely get it!

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