The Phantom Toothbooth by Norton Juster

the phantom tollbooth

Book Blurb:

One genuine turnpike tollbooth.

If not perfectly satisfied, your wasted time will be refunded.

When Milo receives a mysterious and intriguing package through the post, all his previous feelings of boredom are banished. Having nothing better to do, he points his pedal car towards a strange land beyond the Tollbooth, and quicker than a flash he’s entered the Kingdom of Wisdom, where everything is unexpected…

Did I like it? (By A aged 9)

Yes I did! Milo enters a magical world where everything is related to words, numbers and language. You might not like english, spelling and maths in school, but this book is not educational (as disappointed as your parents will be to hear that). Some bits don’t really make any sense at all because it’s a bit bonkers in a funny way. It’s unique and a good book to read more than once (I’ve read it about 8 times and it never got boring).

If you liked this you will probably like…

Difficult to say as it’s sort of unique.  Read it anyway.